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    strategist. educator. entrepreneur.

    Mark is a strategist, educator and entrepreneur. He works at the intersection of business, technology and society. He combines collective intelligence with AI, networks, complex systems, behavioral science and neuroscience.


    Mark is the founder of Vork, a business social networking app. He also founded Orcasci, a consulting firm designing scaling strategies and designing solutions to extreme problems. He is also the author of 'Scaling'.


    Previously Mark co-founded Imaginatik plc, a pioneer in crowdsourcing and collaborative problem solving for innovation. During his 16 years at Imaginatik, he worked with hundreds of companies, including Allianz, Bayer, Cargill, IBM, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Whirlpool and Xerox.


    The World Economic Forum nominated him a Technology Pioneer and a Young Global Leader. Mark is a Professor of Global Strategy at Hult International Business School.

    Mark Turrell

    25 Year Plan to Change the Entire World for Better

    ... all of it, at the same time, ideally without anyone knowing that it's me.


    The plan started in Jan 2008 kicking off at the World Economic Forum in Davos - and in Day #2 I ended up inventing crowdsourced election monitoring for the Zimbabwe election. Projects in the last ten years have included the Global Teacher Prize, as well as many interventions in areas of society.


    The plan guides all of my activities, the core activities and the side things. It's nice to have a long term vision - and even better to be executing big good things.

  • core activities

    We have a limited amount of time on the planet. So let's do big good things that help others.


    Consulting / Extreme problem solving

    Consulting on Scaling, innovation, program design and other topics. Most recently we have been advising on the use of cryptocurrencies and tokens to fund and develop businesses and non-profits.

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    Mobile app for communities and networks

    How do you solve any problem in less than an hour through networks? Netvork is a mobile app that combines a swipe interface with AI to vastly improve matching and community building in networks. Available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

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    Distributing Big Good Things

    Connecting Governments, Business & Tech to help scale big good things

    RET Holdings is a distribution company for solutions that make a huge positive difference rapidly, profitably, whilst balancing the needs of involved stakeholders. We connect governments, investors, and donors with proven scalable tech solution providers. Projects include fresh water generation using ground-based atmospheric ionization, water disinfection equipment, and fresh water drilling from sustainable sources.

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    Scaling, Innovation, Entrepreneurship... Future Topics

    Mark is a highly regarded public speaker - and can give talks on topics he has done before... or work with event organizers and companies to develop unique new content to fit their needs. Example venues include incubators, accelerators, corporate events, universities and more. Send me a mail and we can have a chat.

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    Direct Education

    Teaching 21st Century skills to be an expert on a mobile really fast

    How can we teach kids and adults the essential 21st century skills that everyone talks about but none of them are taught in school? This is a new venture that is in secret test mode right now - more news to come!

  • Testing Zone

    This is a play area to try out new projects, parts of projects, etc

  • side stuff

    why pick one thing ...if you can do lots?

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    Open discussion on human relationship

    Relationships (the human kind) are a great source of happiness, and sadly often a great source of misery. Given the changing world we live in with people living longer, more transparency, more freedom, how do we see relationships changing now and in the near future? The Black Umbrella Society is a discussion forum, started in Berlin, that gathers together those interested in new relationship models for open, non-judging exploration.

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    Creating Fiction

    Freeing the creative muse and giving her free reign to develop stories

    Have you ever sat at dinner and decided not to do small talk and instead talk-write a movie? This project involves inventing stories that can capture mass market attention whilst embedding profound ideas and messages. From the story I use some unique ways to develop fun, interesting narrative content and then turn it into content that can be viewed online, and maybe turned into something larger, such as a book or maybe one day a movie or two.

  • vids / podcast / blog

    Get in touch and follow thoughts on various topics

    an interesting podcast - mark turrell

    Mark's podcast on changing the world, tech, geopolitics, changing the world stuff

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    Mark Turrell talks and interviews online - a collection of videos found all over the internet

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    Articles on various interesting topics

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